Posted Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
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img_0683I would first like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the other members in Too Many Godz. Mike, Frank, and Steve are some of the most talented musicians around. Playing drums has never been so enjoyable. Lastly and most importantly, I would like to thank all of our fans for making it such a blast to play. I get such a rush meeting and talking to you at our shows. On with the bio…

I have been playing drums since the age of five. Banging on all my mom’s pots and pans, it became clear to her that either I was a hyper A.D.D. kid or something special was happening. Good thing she opted for the second plan… In high school I began to develop my own style and listened to every thing from progressive rock to classic big band jazz. I wore the grooves out on most of my vinyl EP’s trying to mimic the likes of Carl Palmer, Stuart Copland, Steve Smith, Kenny Ehart, Buddy Rich, Lenny White, Neil Peart, and Steve Gadd. Just to name a few…haa haa. I played in concert, marching, jazz, and pit bands. I even had my own band called Oasis.

College introduced me to even more musical styles…Alternative Rock and New Wave. I was playing for Dan Kidney and the Pulsations. When that fizzled I devoted more time getting my engineering degree. About a year later I hooked up with a band called Shadows of Dreams. That band spawned some great music. First we managed to open up for New Order at the Felt Forum at MSG in New York and Philadelphia. Next we put an album out which earned us a “Jack Pot” listing for CMJ. Matt Pinfield from MTV and 101.9 was pushing this band big time. We put a video out for the song November Falling. The video was played on MTV’s 120 minutes (See the video below). We did more as an unsigned band than most who were signed. The last original project i did was with Mike Mulshine, the bass player from Shadows of Dreams and Mike Eagen. The band was called Vivid. We opened for tons of national acts and performed our last show at the famous Stone Pony.

Too Many Godz @ Dexter's

Recently my wife Laura and I did some work with Doug Mackie. Doug is an awesome musicain playing guitar for the band UUU.  Laura did some amazing backing vocals and can be heard singing at the Godz shows. Doug recently released his debut solo album called the Futch. You can download a few of the tunes on his site. I think that’s it for now…drop me an email if you have any questions at

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