Posted Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
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Some of my faves……Neil Diamond, Bono, Scott Weiland, Gwen Steffani, David Cassidy.
I guess my passion for music started at day 1. During the delivery the doctor was singing Jailhouse Rock. (go figyah). I come from a musical family, both on my mom and dads side.
My dad was a singer/songwriter and managed bands in the 60s and 70s. Oh yeah and my mom has a really nice singing voice. My brother was the one who actually steered me in the right direction, musically. He was older than me so I wanted to be like him. Whatever he liked, I liked. Whatever he didn’t like, I didn’t either. He taught me the difference between real music and not so real. For instance…Beatles…real, The Archies..not real. Kiss…real, The Banana Splits…not. You get my drift right? But don’t get me wrong, the Banana Splits rocked. Anyway, I started playing drums at about 5 or 6 yrs. old. Tapping on table tops and making drums out of hollowed out Clorox bottles. All I wanted to be was a drummer. From Chris Partridge not knowing how to hold the sticks to Peter Criss and his endless sea of tom toms. So I worked on mastering my craft by practicing 24-7 and listening to different drummers like Peter Criss, Barry Brandt, Neil Peart and even Animal from the Muppets. I liked his technique of playing the entire drum set all at the same time and never missing a beat. He was so underrated as a percussionist. Yep, all I wanted to be was a drummer with stars in my eyes.

20 years later when reality set in, I focused more on song writing although I’ll never lose my passion for the drums,mike_013 in fact its helped me a lot as far as writing music. That’s why me and Steve have such a great bond. We both share a common love. We do this crazy drum / timbale solo at our shows., trading off licks and segueing into different songs. I think its one of the highlights of any TMG show. I consider Steve my left hand man. Anything I cant do, Steve makes it do-able. We just have this chemistry. I guess cause we’ve been together for so long. He understands my whole outlook on what makes a band a great band. I consider myself a perfectionist, sometimes anal..if you will and Steve understands exactly where I’m coming from. Sometimes he’s even there before me. That’s why people come up to us all the time and say that they have such a good time at our shows. Its like being at a concert. That’s our main focus, to give the people a rock-n-roll show. The whole “garage band” mentality is just not for me, did that when I was 16. I get such a high performing with Steve, Frank, and Steve.

Its all about the show, ya know? I guess you can’t miss when your playing 5 decades of music.
I’m not gonna get into all the bands I’ve been in over the past 20 years. Lets just say that everything I’ve done has been a learning experience and I consider all I’ve done to be stepping stones to where I am now. The guys that I am privileged to play with now, are the best. I guess the two words that would describe them would be…they rock ! The cool thing is that were basically all on the same page. And that’s all I’ve ever asked of anyone in my band. c-u soon

Oh yeh..and 70’s Cartoon Rock.

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